“Heart and Soul”

Order Now $10.00 plus p/h $6.00 We’re from the Country Don’t think twice Dad or Pop or Father Mildura Song Dolly’s Paradise No pockets in your soul One Night at a time Some Girls ( will and some girls won’t) The one that got away Elvis has left the building The Band played Waltzing Matilda […]


Order Now $10.00 plus p/h $6.00 Songs Laugh and be happy with me Why Dance Song and Dance Man Silver Haired Daddy of Mine What a Big Surprise with Special guest Gene Pitney   I Guess I Forgot  You hit the Wrong Note) Billy Goat The Gift of Years I Couldn’t be what I am Without  […]

It’s a Wonderful Time of the Year

Order Now $10.00 plus p/h $6.00 It’s A Wonderful Time Of The Year Driving Home For Christmas Here Comes Santa Claus/Look Who’s Back In Town Again Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Aussie Jingle Bells Christmas In Australia Six White Boomers Pretty Paper Cool Rockin’ Santa Jingle Bell Rock Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Santa […]

Full House DVD

Order Now $10.00 plus p/h $6.00 SONG AND DANCE MAN Dear old Couple ((Comedy) WALK ON BY Scales for Christmas (Comedy) I WANT TO DANCE WITH YOU  Love those Grandkids (Comedy) GRANDPA’S PIANO Song Bits (Comedy) THE GIFT OF YEARS Anniversary night (Comedy) WE’RE FROM THE COUNTRY  NUDE BOOTSCOOTIN WITH SPECIAL GUEST GRANT LUHRS Brand new car (Comedy) […]

Here I Am

Order Now Only $10.00 p/h $6.00 Here I Am Grandma’s  House Let’s not make the same mistake again ( With Gene Pitney ) Since the city’s come to town She’s got love …. written all over her face I’m so glad I fell in love with you One day at a time Grandpa’s Piano Holding […]

“Havin a bit of fun (with some mates)

Order Now $10.00 & p/h $6.00 My Shoes keep Walking Back to You / Heartaches By the Number Walk on By Beautiful Sunday I Go to Pieces (guest vocal Michael Cristian) Old Time Rock & Roll ( on sax ……………. go Wilbur) Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny  Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ( with Donna Fisk and Lisa […]

Rodney Vincent “Live in Concert” 2 Cd Pack

Order Now $20.00 plus p/h $6.00 Side 1 We’re from the country  “Looking for the remote   I want to dance with you Anybody in Love ? You’re the best friend Five tips for Marriage Kiss an Angel Good Morning Buying a new car One day at a time  Grandpa’s sayings  Bit of Dirt   Writing my […]

Country Favorites

Order Now $10.00 plus p/h $6.00 That old Country Hall ( written by Rodney Vincent ) Black board of my Heart Crystal chandeliers Singing the blues  A little bit of heaven Lets be fools like that again Another shade of blue Old flame Good times and Music Nobody’s child  Do what you do do well […]

Memories for Mum

Order Now $10.00 plus p/h $6.00 The Worlds Greatest Mum Old Days Remembered Barefoot Days Medals for Mothers Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rocking alone in her Old Rocking Chair This is my Mothers Day You will never grow old / A Mother as Lovely as You  She put the Music in Me  Pal of my […]