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  1. My Shoes keep Walking Back to You / Heartaches By the Number
  2. Walk on By
  3. Beautiful Sunday
  4. I Go to Pieces (guest vocal Michael Cristian)
  5. Old Time Rock & Roll ( on sax ……………. go Wilbur)
  6. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny  Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ( with Donna Fisk and Lisa Edwards )
  7. Let’s Not Make the Same Mistake Again (with Gene Pitney)
  8. The Wanderer ( featuring Wilbur Wilde on sax)
  9. Bop ( with David Briggs “LRB” on Lead Guitar)
  10. It’s Only Make Believe ( George Harvey of the Four Kinsmen )
  11. Do Wah Diddy Diddy 
  12. Runaway (Michael Cristian on Lead Guitar)
  13. ( You’ve got ) Personality
  14. Tribute to the “Wild One Johnny O’keefe   “one of the greatest “ So Tough , Right Now , She Wears My Ring, She’s My Baby, Shout.
  15. That’s Rock’n’Roll

You can thank Johnny O’Keefe for this album as I have had the privilege  of singing his songs for 25 years and people always ask “ have you got any CD’s with some Johnny O’Keefe on them ?” So from a JOK medley , I added some of my all time favourite songs , stirred in some talented musicians , iced it with a few of my special friends and had a bit of fun along the way .
I wish to pay a special tribute to Gene Pitney who sadly passed away while this album was in production (April 2006) . It was my privilege to tour, write and record with such a legend of the industry, and an honour to call him ‘ friend ’ 

My first big thank you must go to my good mate and producer Michael Cristian , a very talented musician / performer in his own right, who played a lot of the instruments on this cd and pushed all the right buttons to make it sound great. Michael shows his enormous talent with a vocal collaboration with me on one of my favourite songs “ I go to pieces”.

To my special guests and mates , George Harvey from the Four Kinsmen , just wonderful to get the chance to do a song with you , Wilbur Wilde , simply the best , what more can I say , just listening to that sax solo , says it all , thank you to Lisa Edwards for her wonderful harmony vocals , Donna Fisk , a treasured friend  with whom I love to work , and David Briggs of Little River Band fame , what a guitar player , when only the best will do .Last but not least thank you to the people who buy the CD’s , I couldn’t do what I love to do without you . I hope you have as much fun listening to this CD as I had making it , just getting together and havin a bit of fun with some mates 

15 Party Time Songs include 

My shoes keep walking back to you / Heartaches by the number 
Walk on By , Beautiful Sunday, I go to Pieces , Old time rock’n’roll , Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, Let’s not make the same mistake again, The Wanderer, Bop, It’s only make believe , Do wah Diddy Diddy, Runaway, Personality, Johnny O’Keefe Medley, That’s Rock’n’Roll