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  1. The Worlds Greatest Mum
  2. Old Days Remembered
  3. Barefoot Days
  4. Medals for Mothers
  5. Hand that Rocks the Cradle
  6. Rocking alone in her Old Rocking Chair
  7. This is my Mothers Day
  8. You will never grow old / A Mother as Lovely as You 
  9. She put the Music in Me 
  10. Pal of my Cradle Days 
  11. The Silver in my Mothers Hair
  12. Hankies from Nanna
  13. You can Never do wrong in a Mothers Eyes
  14. Little old Lady / Silver Hair and Heart of Gold
  15. Mama 
  16. Mum’s Singalong
  17. Mother
  18. Did your Mother come from Ireland
  19. I want a Girl
  20. Ma she’s making Eyes at me