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  1. Laugh and be happy with me

  2. Why Dance

  3. Song and Dance Man

  4. Silver Haired Daddy of Mine

  5. What a Big Surprise with Special guest Gene Pitney 

  6.  I Guess I Forgot

  7.  You hit the Wrong Note) Billy Goat

  8. The Gift of Years

  9. I Couldn’t be what I am Without  You


  1. Boy was she Patient

  2. Married for 55 years

  3. The Old Time Country Dance

  4. It’s the Glamor that gets you

  5. Only a matter of time

  6. Kids know much more than we ever knew

  7. Get off the Stage Rodney 

If you look up laughter in the dictionary it says “to manifest spasmodic utterance , facial distortion and shaking of the sides which form from the instinctive expression of mirth , amusement or sense of the ludicrous typically by expelling air from the lungs in short bursts to produce an articulate voiced noise with the open mouth “I bet you didn’t know that !

Laughter is a very important part of out lives . Over the years I have shared some hilarious moments on stage with audiences and it makes me very happy knowing people have enjoyed what I love to do – to entertain . I love to laugh and share a good joke ,  and if along the way I have brightened  up your day , well I’m glad . 

As a friend once said to me “Rodney where would you be if you couldn’t see the funny side of life”

All the proceeds of these albums go towards a very needy family …….. of which I am the father . 

Keep smiling