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Side 1

  1. Here for a Good Timel
  2. I Love you ( more & more )
  3. Nothing I can do about it now
  4. When you say nothing at all
  5. Hands across Time
  6. The Hartwood Song
  7. Buy me a rose
  8. Speak to the sky
  9. Garden Party 
  10. There goes my heart
  11. The Girl from Yesterday
  12. Driving my Life Away

Side 2

  1. Old time rock and roll
  2. Walk in the Room
  3. Bye Bye Baby
  4. Teenager in Love
  5. (I’m gonna ) Knock on your door
  6. Lets Twist again
  7. Gene Pitney Medley
  8. What a big Surprise ( Featuring Gene Pitney)
  9. Return to Sender
  10. Are you Lonesome Tonight
  11. Elvis has left the Building
  12. Runaway
  13. ( cos you’ve got) Personality
  14. Rocking all Over the World
  15. Johnny O’Keefe Tribute Medley

Here for a good time CD/DVD details

*Bonus Feature on DVD “The Hartwood” Song  with Special guest Paul McCloud*

As the saying goes “we’re not here for a long time , we’re “Here for a good time” and that is the title track of Rodney Vincent’s latest release , a CD and a DVD .

The CD features 12 great tracks , some original songs and some of your favorite’s , and a DVD of what he calls his “Rock and Roll Memories” , (sixties style of course) ,  with stories and songs about the fun times of what he did , and maybe what you did , growing up as a teenager and learning about life.

Rodney teamed up with a wonderful  Aussie songwriter John O’Dea and co wrote 2 songs on the CD , the “Hartwood Song” and “Hands across Time”  . Hartwood Campfires and Country Music” is one of the most popular Easter Festivals in Australia which Country Music Entertainer Paul McCloud started off many years ago  so Rodney and John wrote a song for the festival , plus as an added bonus on the DVD there is the “Hartwood Song” and an interview with Paul McCloud himself . “Hands across time” will touch the heart strings for sure , an idea given to Rodney from a dear friend who wrote a poem for his adoring wife . Rodney’s producer Michael Cristiano had an idea to do a remake of a song “Speak to the Sky” and invited the magnificent voice of Lisa Edwards to make what is just a sensational track . Lisa is not only a great performer in her own right but also a vocal harmony singer in the John Farnham Band , just the best This time around Rodney has stepped outside his comfort zone and recorded two songs of a different style , “Buy me a rose” and “When you say nothing at all” , both of which have great story lines and meanings .


To quote Michael Cristiano who produced the CD , “Rodney , this is your best yet , it is a winner”